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Yumeiho Japanese massage-therapy



YUMEIHO involves three major techniques:


1. The massage relaxes tense muscles, improves blood circulation, stimulates lymphatic system and boosts metabolism.


2. The akupressure enhances energy flow within the body.


3. The manual-therapy fixes joints. During the massage - done wearing casuals - not only the articulatio iliosacralis will be adjusted, considered vital in the theory of YUMEIHO®, but also the manipulation of the complete spinal column and almost all the joints within the body will take place.



When is it recomended and for what?


The method is suitable for both prevention and cure, or can be used to boost performance as well, therefor it's good for everyone! It's strengthen the immune system as well!


Particularly iIt's good for:

- in case of locomotor disorders,

- in case of internal problems (eg. headache),

- and in case of old age problames.


It's recomended az alábbi problémák megelőzésére és kezelésére:

- spinal curvature

- lumbago

- general weakness

- diabetes

- high blood pressure, etc.


It's recomended to sportsman as well, in case of in what follows:

- to improve physical condition,

- to boost performance,

- to enhance muscullar functionality.


Zoltán Pettik

yumeiho masseur

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