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Mozgástechnikai foglalkozások AS-klub programok Terápiás kezelések Masszázs technikák


... if you have an appointment for MEDICAL MASSAGE:

-> Please come 15 minutes earlier before the first massage. We will make a consultation for the

    first time to discover a general state of well being.

-> The personal hygiene is important before the massage. You can take a shower at home or you

    can use the shower in the studio. If you take a shower in the studio, please come 10 minutes

    earlier! Don't eat too much before the massage! If It's possible try to prepare and relax yourself

    so the treatment will be more effective.

-> During the massage you will be fully wrapped and you can disrob yourself to your comfort level.

    You can bring bathing suit, socks, sheet, blankets, pillow with you but we provide sheet,

    blankets, pillow in the studio also.

-> After the massage you can relax 5-15 minutes and you can discuss your experience with your

    therapyst. This is important period to go back normal state and also to let your body heal.

... if you have an appointment for SHIATSU TREATMENT:

-> Please bring thin cotton pants and a T-shirt with long sleeves, or some other comfortable clothes

    and socks. The soft texture of the clothes is important during massage.

-> The session begins with a short discussion, which is followed by a 1 1/2 hour massage.

-> After the massage there is opportunity for a 5-15 minutes relaxation and a short exchange of

    the experience with the therapist. These few minutes are very important in maintaining the

    effects of the massage and to enhance the fulfillment of the healing processes.

... if you come for the first time for a THAI MASSAGE:

-> you will have a consultation of 15 minutes about your health condition.

-> The hygiene is the precondition for the massage. Please clean your body before the treatment

    at home or in the studio. Please come 10 minutes earlier if you want to clean yourself at the


-> -> After the massage you have possibility to relax and discuss about your experience with the

    masseur (5-15 minutes). This time helps you to continue your day with keeping the effect of the


-> Please take a pair of trousers made of thin cotton, a T-shirt with long sleeves and a pair of sthin

    socks with you. The soft material of your clothes is important during the massage. If you don't

    have any clothes like that we can give you a proper one.

... if you have an appointment for YUMEIHO MASSAGE:

-> at the first occasion a 15min. consultation is needed to assess state of health.

-> Personal hygiene and a clean body is a prerequisite for the sessions.

-> Please do not eat or smoke 30min. before massage!

-> Following the massage there is opportunity for a 5-15min. relaxation and discussion with the

    masseur, which could be a vital transition time back to everyday awareness, and also important

    in nurturing the effects of the massage, helping the culmination of the triggered processes.

-> During the massage, please wear a thin pair of cotton trousers, T-shirt and socks. There should

    be no buttons or zippers on the outfit. If you do not have appropriate clothes, we are happy to

    provide you one.

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