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Instructions for the participation on the first class

-> A comfortable garment/dress is required. Every other equipment (yoga mat, cushion for
     meditation, yoga strap) is provided by the studio.


-> A comfortable garment can be long-leg trousers (sweat pants and socks probably), a
     T-shirt and a warmer cotton pullover. After a dynamic session when the body is warming
     up and sweating it can be useful to wear them during stretching and relaxation.


-> Please, be there 15 minutes before the class to do a short administration, change your
     clothes and start the lesson in time.


-> Please, do not eat 2-3 hours before the yoga class. Afterwards, it is advisable to wait 1
     more hour before eating.


-> Please, do not drink during the yoga class, but then take much water (natural spring water
     is the best).


-> Please, follow the instructions in the yoga class but be attentive to the bounds of your

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